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Connsanté Biotech

ConnSante Biotech is a molecular and cellular information company.

Based on 25-year research, we develop α-score to check the healthy status of stem cell and immune cells which are critical and essential in the war of cancer.

In the past years, we provided diagnostic service for VIP health check-up, ESG staff healthcare program and cancer patient prognosis in our TAF certificated lab.

We are currently working together with doctors to generate clinical evidence on using α-score as a companion diagnosis in lung cancer with specific treatment modality.

We help users to live with a healthy life style in a scientific way.

We work together with doctors, pharmaceutical and biotech companies enroll patients into clinical trials and get a success.

We are ConnSante.

Services: 1.Cancer Preventive Medicine,2.Cancer Prognosis,3.Cancer drugs R&D,4.Cell therapy & Regenerative medicine, ,